Rewards and Bonuses

As our VIP Club member, you have an exclusive access to the DafaPoker VIP Shop! You can immediately get real cash with your Gold Coins as well. The higher your VIP level is, the bigger your cash rewards will be!

Cash Reward Gold Coins Required VIP 1 VIP 2 VIP 3 VIP 4 VIP 5
$2.50 3,750
$5.00 7,250  
$10.00 14,000  
$15.00 19,500  
$20.00 24,000      
$25.00 28,750      
$30.00 35,000      
$100.00 100,000      
$375.00 250,000        
$1,500.00 900,000        
$4,500.00 2,000,000         *
$15,000.00 6,200,000         *
$40,000.00 16,000,000         *
$100,000.00 36,000,000         *
Bonus Money Release Rate Gold Coins Required VIP 1 VIP 2 VIP 3 VIP 4 VIP 5
$5.00 40 SP = $1.5 2,800
$10.00 40 SP = $1.5 5,000  
$20.00 125 SP = $5 9,000  
$30.00 125 SP = $5 13,500  
$50.00 125 SP = $5 22,000  
$100.00 125 SP = $5 40,000    
$300.00 125 SP = $5 115,000    
$500.00 500 SP = $20 190,500      
$800.00 500 SP = $20 300,000      
$1,000.00 500 SP = $20 330,000        
$1,500.00 500 SP = $20 495,000        
$5,000.00 500 SP = $20 1,600,000        

Even without converting your Gold Coins to real cash, they are still as good as cash as you can use them to purchase countless valuable merchandise on the net which will be delivered right to your door step.

*If you want to purchase this cash reward, kindly contact Customer Support.

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Types of Bonuses
Instant Cash Bonus:

  • Instant Cash Bonuses are awarded to player's poker account as real cash. They are at times issued with conditions on stake limitations, Casino game restrictions and cashier withdrawals.
  • The limitations or restrictions that come with the bonus may be lifted through different conditions depending on the promotion’s mechanics. Example: Earning 200 Status Points or making a real money deposit transaction.
  • Players have a deadline to claim or redeem the bonus once it has been issued to the player’s account by logging in to the Poker client; otherwise it may expire and will be cut from the balance. The period of validity of the bonuses varies depending on the promotion.
  • Instant bonuses can be withdrawn only when the player has a history of a successful real money deposit transaction. Player's accounts are subject to a verification check prior to the first withdrawal according to the DafaPoker’s Terms of Use.
  • If the bonus is lost on poker play, the restrictions will still remain in the player's account.

Redeemable Bonus Money:

  • Redeemable Bonus Money are awarded to players as part of the first deposit bonus or special promotions.
  • Redeemable Bonus Money are required to be redeemed in order to be used for gaming or withdrawn. They are redeemed according to the amount of Status Points accumulated by playing cash tables or tournaments.
  • The rake taken at cash tables or the fees paid for MTT and SNG entries is what determines the amount of Status Points accumulated.
  • The required amount of Status Points earned is what determines the amount of the bonus that can be redeemed. In general, $5 bonus chunks are credited to the player's balance each time 425 Status Points are earned.

    425 Status Points (SP) = $5 bonus chunk

    Special promotions sometimes offer Redeemable Bonus Money that has a different redemption ratio. Example: 66 Status Points releases $1 bonus chunk.
  • Each $5 bonus chunk is then automatically issued to the player's account as cash after the required Status Points are accumulated.
  • No Bonus Money will be paid until the required Status Points for that particular bonus chunk are accumulated.
  • Full details of a player's active Redeemable Bonus Money balance, amount of Status Points needed in order to clear the bonus and the bonus expiry info can be viewed in the progress bar at the bottom of the Dafabet Poker software.
  • Gold Coins do not count when redeeming Bonus Money.
  • The Status Points required for a specific bonus must be earned as long as the Bonus Money are still active.
  • Players will have 30 days before the release of the bonus.
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