Weekly NGVS Bonus up to RM98!

The more consecutive games you win, the more bonuses you get. Receive up to RM98 every week! Explore all of our NGVS offerings and get even more bonus money while you’re at it!

Game Result of Number Game Betting Result Bonus WRX5
NG or VS Draw/Refunded/half-losing
bets will not be counted
Consecutive of 5 winning bills RM58
Consecutive of 8 winning bills RM78
Consecutive of 10 winning bills RM98

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Terms and conditions

  1. Players need to make a single deposit of RM300 during promo week.
  2. Players need to bet a minimum RM10 or above per bill in Numbers Game or Virtual Sport during promotion with odd above 1.50 only.
  3. Bill which is placed bet on double chances types on VS and same bet in different bills will not be counted.
  4. Winning consecutive bills must be from either number games or virtual sports, bills cannot be mixed up.
  5. Claiming of win consecutive bill, bills with result of tie will not be counted. In either case, it is assumed that the bill did not win consistently.
  6. Bills void or refunded will not be counted as a consecutive win bill.
  7. Only bills in Virtual Sports and Numbers Game with consecutive wins can be claimed. Bills with different categories cannot be mixed together.
  8. 1 Username can claim the bonus 1 time per week via opt-in. To claim the bonus, player must fill-out the opt-in form and bills must be claimed during promotion period only.
  9. Opposite bet will not be allowed in the same match. Half losing bets will not be counted as a qualified bet.
  10. Bonus has 5X wagering requirement.
  11. In case players bet and won, a one-minute period is considered as consecutive win.
  12. Bank fees added in player's account on top of the deposit will not be counted as part of the deposit requirements set for the offers in this promotion.
  13. Only consecutive winning bills within a day is considered.
  14. Multiple accounts will not be considered.
  15. Promotion General T&Cs apply.