Win any real-money ring game with the best hand of the day and you could win up to $500 cash! 


  1. Only hands of J,J,J,J or above qualify and both pocket cards must be used. 
  2. Players who have the qualified hands must not fold and must play at the showdown.
  3. To receive this bonus, you must provide your nickname and game code to our Online Customer Support or send an email to within 24 hours.

 This bonus is only available in Texas Holdem, non-tournament play. Here are the prizes for your best winning hands:

Hand Reward
cards00_0.gif Royal Flush 200*bb 200*bb (Min $25 Max $500)
cards01.gif Straight Flush 100*bb (Min $15 Max $200)
cards02.gif 4 of a Kind (Jacks or higher) 80*bb (Min $10 Max $88 )

Check out and be one of our Best Hand of the Day Daily Winners!


  1. 4 Jacks or better must be held to qualify for the Best Hand of the Day Bonus.
  2. Different hands will get the rewards as per the table above.
  3. Both pocket cards must be used in the winning hand.
  4. Only Texas Hold'em games are qualified (applies to all currencies).
  5. The hand should play to show down.
  6. Only one (1) Best Hand of the Day Bonus will be awarded per day.
  7. The bonus will be awarded to the highest Best Hand on any given day.
  8. In case two or more players all claim the bonus for one day with identical winning hands, the bonus will be awarded to the first player to receive the qualifying hand on a given day (GMT) based on official Dafabet Poker records.
  9. The bonus will be given 1-2 business days after day of claim, in order to verify the claim.
  10. Dafabet Poker reserves the right to modify or stop this promotion at any time without prior notice.
  11. All Dafabet Poker decisions are final.


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