Status Points and Gold Coins

Status Points 
Used for upgrading your VIP level and releasing your pending bonus at the same time (every 425 points will release $5 if you have an active bonus in your account).

Rake / Fee Status Points
1 USD 25
1 EUR 33
1 GBP 40

As you play in real money poker tables or buy-in in real money poker tournaments, you are awarded with a certain amount of Status Points. The amount of Status Points would depend on how much you contributed to the pot (cash tables) or the value of the fee (tournaments).

Click here to see the Cash Table Rake Structure

Gold Coins 
Used for conversion to Cash Rewards, live events package and shopping in the VIP shop, and also for joining tournaments in the poker client.

VIP Level Gold Coins Multiplier Gold Coins earned for every 1 unit in rake
Iron Dragon 1.5 60 49.5
Bronze Dragon 2.5 100 82.5
Silver Dragon 3 120 99
Gold Dragon 4 160 132
Platinum Dragon 4.5 180 148.5

For example: A VIP Iron Dragon player and a VIP Platinum Dragon player both earned 25 Status Points by raking $1.00. The VIP Iron Dragon player would then receive 37.5 Gold Coins (25 Status Points X 1.5 = 37.5 Gold Coins) while the other player, who is already a VIP Platinum Dragon, receives 112.5 Gold Coins (25 Status Points X 4.5 = 112.5 Gold Coins).

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